1) General recruitment: Ongoing

If you are interested in research assistant, PhD and post doc positions at Lero Software Research Centre, National University of Ireland, Galway, please contact for further information

2) Marie Sklodowska-Curie Fellowship



Advanced Learning in Evolving Critical Systems (ALECS) is an innovative fellowship programme coordinated by Lero, the Irish Software Research Centre. The initiative is co-funded by the European Commission under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie programme and by Science Foundation Ireland, through Lero.


The aim of the programme is to provide training and career development to researchers through providing international mobility and intersectoral exposure. As a Marie Skłodowska-Curie fellowship, ALECS offers high quality professional opportunities open to researchers of any age, nationality and discipline who comply with the programme’s eligibility criteria.


The programme will fund 26 fellowships for researchers, who either have a PhD degree or who have at least 4 years equivalent full-time equivalent research experience (in academia or industry).

Lero, the Irish Software Research Centre is the programme coordinator. However, a degree in Computer Science/Software Engineering (or in a related discipline) is not mandatory. Applications are open to candidates from complementary disciplines. 


Fellows will be recruited over internationally advertised calls for research proposals.

All candidates must discuss their research idea and seek the support of an eligible ALECS academic supervisor for their application. Applications without such support will not be considered.

For important dates associated with the 2nd call for proposals, click here. Register interest by emailing

Our broad research themes are outlined below. To find out more about the research being undertaken by Lero and by the ALECS academic supervisors, please check the supervisors’ profiles here.

  • Methods and Standards for High Integrity Systems

  • Autonomous and Adaptive Systems

  • Software Performance

  • Security and Privacy

3) PhD studentship: Technology and the Impact on the Future of Work

Lero Software Research Centre, National University of Ireland, Galway

Project Leader: Prof. Kieran Conboy

Project Description:

There is increasing discussion and debate regarding the impact of technology on the future of work. The ways in which digitalisation is re-shaping working conditions and the organisation of employment has captured the imagination of academics, policymakers, practitioners and wider media. This is particularly true in knowledge and technology-intensive organisations and industries.

Specifically, the research seeks to add to new knowledge concerning complex governance issues, power and social relations, the nature of work and its interface with emerging technologies. To complete the research, the student will have access to (i) senior executives, (ii) employees across different roles and levels who are affected by the technology, and (iii) other stakeholders across many multinational organisations in both the private and public sector. Example companies include key technology leaders such as Dell, Intel, Accenture, Deloitte, Google and Facebook. The research will adopt a mixed method approach to enable an in-depth exploration of these key issues.

The student will be join the team of Lero researchers at NUI Galway and will also collaborate with and get support from senior academics in UK universities with specific expertise in the areas described above. The position will also include a significant travel bursary to attend conferences and to spend extended periods of time working with international academic experts and industry participants.

The successful PhD candidate will investigate topics such as:

  • The ‘gig economy’ and platform-based working as a form of work organisation.
  • Business analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • The impact of contemporary working conditions in technology organisations e.g. flow, continuous development and agile.


Salary Scale: €23.5K (18K stipend + fees €5,500) per annum for 4 years

Closing date: July 31st, 2018


Applications should include:

(i) A statement of intent

(ii) A recent CV

(iii) An accompanying cover letter.


Please contact for further information